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A few words about the Lefkosia Youth Ballet

The Lefkosia Youth Ballet was established in 1999 as a non-profit organization and philanthropic institution. It aims both to encourage and promote young, talented dancers and to enrich the cultural life of the capital through an exceptional program of dance. Supported entirely by teachers working on a voluntary basis, the Lefkosia Youth Ballet has developed a series of activities that aim to enhance and broaden the education of its young students.


Members of the Lefkosia Youth Ballet are teachers and choreographers of various ballet schools of Nicosia. Applications for membership can be sent to the Lefkosia Youth Ballet Board of Directors, during the month of December. The dance company is made up of students between the ages of 11-18. The students are chosen through a process of auditions that are selected by the teachers of the Lefkosia Youth Ballet.  The Lefkosia Youth Ballet creates an environment where the children can exercise their creativity and learn the value of camaraderie, but it is also a place where they are able to grow as dancers and improve their technique. The overall aim is to raise the standard of dance in Cyprus.

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