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The main aim of the Lefkosia Youth Ballet is to encourage and assist young talented dancers, as well as, contribute to the capital's cultural events, by producing performances of a high standard.

Our dance company is made up of students between the ages of 11-19. The students are chosen through a process of auditions that are judged by the teachers of the Lefkosia Youth Ballet.  The LYB creates an environment where the children can exercise their creativity and learn the value of camaraderie, but it is also a place where they are able to grow as dancers and improve their technique. Our greatest goal and vision is to raise the standard of dance in Cyprus.


To achieve this the Lefkosia Youth Ballet has set the following goals:


  • The creation and establishment of a dancing company, of young talented classical ballet dancers, who are eager to cooperate and work with ethos, discipline, and respect.

  • To enhance the skills of young dancers and give them the opportunity to perform publicly.

  • To promote and assist young Cypriot dancers who wish to pursue their dance abroad.  Special attention is given to helping dancers participate in international festivals and competitions, as well as helping them locate and apply for scholarships abroad. 

  • To enrich the public’s knowledge and appreciation of classical dance.

  • To broaden the skills and knowledge of Lefkosia Youth Ballet teachers through educational and other activities. 

  • To encourage cooperation among cultural bodies and organizations both in Cyprus and abroad, with the aim of promoting the arts. 

  • To develop a close-knit community in which members help each other with their common goals.

  • To familiarize the community with the Lefkosia Youth Ballet and its work.

  • To raise the standard of ballet in Cyprus and contribute to our cultural scene. 



Lefkosia Youth Ballet, having worked closely all these years with our teacher members, has amassed many high-level performances, showcasing the talent of Nicosia, that can easily compete with Youth Ballet Companies around
the world. In our performances, which get better and bigger every year, we have had the pleasure to work with
renowned Cypriot and non-Cypriot choreographers such as Lambros Lambrou, Terence Etheridge and Aidar Akhmetov.

​«Debuto», 2001
«Cinderella», 2003
«La Fille Mal Gardee», 2006
«Gala», 2007
«Snow Queen», 2009
«Youth Inspirations», 2010
«Coppelia», 2012
«Edge of Beauty», 2012
«Divertissement», 2013
«Celestial Youth», 2014
«Youth Inspirations 2», 2015
«Cinderella», 2016
«The Nutcracker», 2017
«Youth Inspirations 3», 2018
«Coppélia», 2019
«Sleeping Beauty», 2021
«The Butterfly Effect», 2022

The Lefkosia Youth Ballet also hopes to participate in a large number of cultural events that take place on our island, thus infusing them with its passion and creativity.


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