Lefkosia Youth Ballet Auditions will be held in January 2023. Information for the auditions will be sent to the teacher members of the LYB only by December 2022
Audition Criteria



 Candidates are selected on their performance on the day. Not their potential or their history of previous performances, which may be familiar to teachers present and voting.



The physique is taken into account. Although candidates are growing and we do not want to encourage students to be overly thin, they need to be slim with good muscle tone and strength. Because of this philosophy, students in the past have been warned when undue weight gain has occurred while in the group. Obviously, we have to consider differing body types and the stage of growth the child is at. We are not looking for the perfect “ballet body” but good proportions are advantageous.



Flexibility is another factor. A young child may not have the strength to maintain high extensions, but during the audition, the body will be tested to show whether there is potential flexibility.


Good solid technique is a prerequisite,-meaning that placing should be reasonably secure. Lines of the body should show harmony, the foot should show potential for pointe work-i.e. a reasonable instep and arch. Some areas may be weaker than others but a generally good ability to articulate free vocabulary should be evident. They must show good musicality & performance.

a) There is no limit to the number of times one individual may audition for the Youth Ballet. His or her previous audition will not be taken into consideration

 The Frequency of the Auditions

The auditions take place once a year: usually in January. The dates are announced on our website. In cases where additional dancers are needed for a specific performance, students will be called in for a trial audition and will be chosen by the choreographer or his representative. There is no limit to the times a dancer may audition for a place. The candidate’s earlier auditions are not taken into account. 

The Selection Committee  

This committee consists of active members who are present on the day of the trial audition. A candidate will have to have 50 % +1 votes from the committee members in order to become a member of the team.  For a candidate’s assessment to be reevaluated, he/she must have received the minimum number of votes. 

Only members of the Youth Ballet can send candidates to audition for the Youth Ballet.