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Our Dancers



Mimi Charalambides

Georgia Kritsima

Natalia Mavrogeni

Demetris Michaelides

Chrysanthi Nikolaou

Stephanie Pandela

Antigoni Rousi

Argyro Solomonides

Natalia Ismini Tsinontides


Eirini Charmpi

Argyro Chrysanthou

Irene Fouli

Margarita Manias

Marilia Michael

Ioanna Pantazi

Marina Papaprodromou

India Olympia Pattichis

Katerina Stavrides

Nicole Zavridou



Alexandros Theodoros Andreou

Christina Andreou

Marina Charalambous

Kyriaki Kaoura

Constantina Kotsia

Georgia Liasides

Anna Maria Marangou 

Irene Mavride

Alyssia Afroditi Papadopoulos

Artemis Papazoglou

Christina Paraskeva

Argyro Pelengari

Thekla Pitzioli 

Lefkosia Youth Ballet Rules and Regulations 


Dancers are expected to attend the weekly classes, as well as, all activities scheduled by the LYB. 

In the case of absence, dancers should notify the LYB via email. Dancers are allowed 5 non-dance or injury-related absences per academic year, and anything above that will result in their removal from the company. In such a case, the dancer will be able to re-audition, without any bias towards or against them. 

Dancers are responsible for their own warm-up and should arrive for class ahead of time. 

Dress Code

A uniform will be provided by the LYB for all dancers, and it must be worn in every class, seminar, and other activity, unless clearly stated. 


We expect all dancers to show respect to their teachers and co dancers, as well as, the space they are in. In case of any concerns, they can communicate directly with their teachers.


Dancers are split into 2-3 groups, which are evaluated twice a year. Individual reports are given to each dancer throughout the year, to help them identify specific weaknesses they need to address in their technique and performance. 

The criteria for evaluation are as follows:

  1. Absences and dress code 

  2. Quality of performance 

  3. Improvement of the technique 

  4. Physical tone and form 


Dancers need to pay a yearly fee by the 31st of January of that year.

Dancer representative

The dancers of the Lefkosia Youth Ballet vote every year for their own (student) representative to the Board.  If dancers have any concerns and/or requests, the student representative will bring them to the attention of the members of the Board for discussion and consideration. 

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